VLC Remote Watch Setup Instructions

VLC Remote Watch App requires the following

  1. Latest version of VLC running on your computer
  2. http interface enabled on VLC
  3. VLC not blocked by any firewall within your network.
  4. A password setup for VLC player (Password is mandatory for VLC player to accept any commands.)
  5. Your iPhone connected to the same network as your VLC Player’s device (PC, Mac, Linux, etc)

Setup Guide

Enable the HTTP Interface

  1.  Open the VLC settings
    • Mac/Linux: VLC Menu/Preferences
    • Windows: VLC Menu/Tools/Preferences
  2. Enable ‘All Settings’ (by default VLC only shows the most used settings)
    VLC - Show All Preferences
    VLC – Show All Preferences
    • Mac: Click ‘Show All’ to show the advanced settings
    • Windows/Linux: Click on the ‘All’ button at the bottom left of the screen
  3. Enable the interface
    VLC - Enabling http Interface
    VLC – Enabling http Interface
    • Mac/Windows/Linux: Find the ‘Main interfaces’ preference page
      • Expand the options for Interfaces
      • Select Main interfaces
      • Select the ‘Web’ checkbox.
        • This should show ‘http’ in the text box.

Set your password

  1. Click on the Lua section on the left

    VLC - Lua Password
    VLC – Lua Password
  2. Enter a password under Lua HTTP
    • The default password for the app is ‘vlcremote’ (if you use this password, the remote app will be able to automatically connect to the VLC player.)
  3. Click save to save the preferences
  4. Quit VLC and reopen it.