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VLC Remote Control

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VLC Remote Watch Icon

VLC Remote Control lets you remotely control your VLC Media Player on your Mac or PC. Supports iPhone and Apple Watch!


  • Easily control VLC from your couch
  • Apple watch Support
  • Works with VLC on your Mac, PC or Linux machine
  • Automatically scans your local network for VLC players (It uses zeroconf to scan for VLC players)
  • Stop, Play, Pause and many more commands supported.
  • Control volume, position, next track and previous track
  • Turn fullscreen on and off
  • See your cover art

VLC is a great, free and popular media player that can handle almost any file format.

VLC remote control app lets you sit back and enjoy your movies and music while you control things from your easy chair. No more reaching for the mouse when you want to pause your show, select the next episode, or play some different music.

Testflight: Signup for Beta testing

App Store: Coming Soon

Screenshots: Imgur