Lifx Addon for Kodi

Lifx Ambilight Addon for Kodi

Lifx Addon for Kodi
Lifx Addon for Kodi

A Kodi add-on that controls Lifx lights. In Theater mode the add-on dims the Lifx lights as soon as a movie starts playing, and turns the lights back to original settings once the movie is done. Ambilight mode turns your Lifx lights in a room-sized Ambilight.


  • Fully customizable
    • Select All lights or a Group of lights.
    • Override brightness/hue/saturation for different states in Ambilight mode – playback started/resumed and paused.
    • Option to forcefully turn on or ignore lights which are powered off (not switched off)
    • Option to flash lights once on discovery
    • Option to disable the theater/Ambilight mode for short videos
      • Option to customize what is considered a short video
    • Experimental: Option to undim lights when credits start rolling. (Uses
      • Option to delay the credits start time.
      • Does not always work, may ruin your movie-watching experience
    • Restore the lights to original states (color and power) when the movie stops.
  • 2 Modes for your Lifx powered media center room
    • Theater Mode
      • Dim or Turn off the lights when Movie starts playing
      • Undim or Turn on the lights when you pause the movie
      • Return the lights to original settings when Movie ends.
      • Option to configure Fading time to be proportional to the current brightness. (e.g. take 7 seconds to change brightness from 100% to 30%)
    • Ambilight Mode
      • Option to Dim the lights when Movie starts playing
      • Option to change minimum and maximum brightness